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I am all of the c-words you are positively encouraged to say out loud! 

I’m Katy Baggott - a family celebrant, a senior practitioner coach and a person-centred therapist, offering a truly integrated approach, whether that be shining a spotlight on your memorable life occasions, your own potential or your emotional well-being. 


My approach to all my work has its roots in a deeply creative grounding through both art college and studying design and photography in university, I developed my love of working with people through many years in customer-facing roles, as well as holding senior account management roles in sales and customer marketing for global brands including Coca-Cola, Kodak, Mars and Britvic.

I am an intersectional feminist. I can be a bit loud. I’m sometimes a bit sweary. I am a hopeless optimist and I love watching others succeed. I prefer tea over coffee, I mostly think in song lyrics and I’m an early bird rather than a night owl.


A creative spirit and ‘corporate rebel’ I am not your run-of-the-mill ‘executive coach’. 


I am an accomplished senior practitioner leadership development coach with more than 26 years of experience working with Global brands (including Coca-Cola, Kodak, Kingsmill, Britvic, Pepsi and Amazon) I am a TEDx public speaking coach and flagship event host, personal brand mentor, certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, BACP registered therapeutic counsellor, UKSOC certified family celebrant, a certified MHFA England Mental Health First Aider, an accomplished facilitator, motivational speaker, award-nominated radio broadcaster, podcaster and theatrical singer. 

I have judged on various high-profile public speaking panels around the UK, as well as regularly being invited to speak on stages, podcasts and BBC radio shows about integrating coaching and counselling, well-being, confidence, mental toughness, the power of self-belief through person-centred practice, deep empathy and creative coaching approaches.


I always seek to be inclusive and welcoming, sensitive to people’s needs and experiences based on age, race, ethnicity, ability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexuality, gender identity/expression, socio-economic status or political beliefs. Part of the queer community, I’m an active ally to those who identify as queer, gay, lesbian, trans, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, kinky, and polyamorous. Who you are is honoured here. 

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People I've worked with

Katy, I want to say a massive "Thank You", for the brilliant job you did hosting our team coaching this morning. The session was really free-flowing and allowed everyone's voices to be heard and hit the brief of what we wanted to achieve. Your style is always engaging, personable & fun and you had clearly lifted the team, by the end of the 2 hours. We will definitely be knocking on your door again, for further team coaching. Brilliant session and brilliant coaching!

~ Team coaching participant



on your ceremony

Trained and qualified as a ‘wedding and funeral celebrant’ with the UK

Society of Celebrants and proud to call myself a celebrant who does not exclude; I want everyone I work for and with to know that they are deeply respected and appreciated, offering a radical love that unconditionally cherishes people for exactly who they are.


Based in the historic and picturesque village of Scampton, Lincolnshire. 

As an independent Lincolnshire wedding celebrant, I am not affiliated with any organisation requiring certain beliefs or non-beliefs. It is your ceremony; about you. Each relationship is unique therefore each ceremony I create is original and individual; centred around the requirements of those the ceremony is for.




on your potential

No more sitting in the shadows. No more hiding in the dark. The energy and heat of a powerful spotlight is about potential and meaningful, confident change, looking on the bright side of every opportunity. 


Sometimes our light is dimmed by life’s circumstances. Like a spotlight turned off, it is waiting to be switched on to shine again. That’s what real coaching is all about - supporting others to realise their potential, so you shine your light brightly in the world. 


What are some of the areas of your life where you are struggling to let the light shine? 

Through coaching, together we can explore what has been holding you back both personally and professionally. What could happen if confidence, courage, self-expression and enthusiasm became normal for you? 




on your wellbeing

Is there something in the way, stopping you from shining brightly on the stage of your one-and-only life - and you just can't get past it? 


Maybe you are struggling to cope with a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or an eating disorder; an upsetting physical health condition, such as infertility; a difficult life event, such as a bereavement, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress; or perhaps difficult and overwhelming emotions – for example, low self-esteem or anger or other issues, such as sexual identity.  


Counselling as ‘talk therapy’ aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable, allowing space and time for you to talk about things you are perhaps struggling with, experiencing or want to better understand. 

I can expertly guide both individuals and groups to help you live authentically and joyfully in your work, relationships, health, and home.


I provide a confidential and dependable environment for you to talk and explore difficult feelings, providing you the opportunity to share your views, be heard and gain new perspectives on your situation and experiences. 


Brands I've worked with

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